Hopkinton Cultural Council

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

The purpose of the Hopkinton Cultural Council (HCC) is to support public programs in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences which promote access, education, diversity and excellence for residents of our community. This is accomplished by granting funds received from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), in accordance with their guidelines, to individuals and organizations that will present their programs in our community or local area. We fund a variety of programs each year appropriate for diverse age and interest groups. Whenever possible we give priority to Hopkinton artists and organizations. The HCC actively seeks opportunities to increase visibility to groups of different cultures to promote diverse grant opportunities.

Upcoming Events

  • Art on the Trail 2022

The Hopkinton Cultural Council is inviting all artists to submit their artwork for display during the “2022 Art on the Trail”.

When: The “2022 Art on the Trail” will begin on Sunday, 2-Oct and will end on Sunday, 16-Oct.

Where: The “2022 Art on the Trail” will be held on the Center Trail in Hopkinton. The trail is 1.1 miles long and the trailhead is located on Main Street directly across from Hopkinton Lumber. Parking is in the Respite Center parking lot on the left side of Claflin Place just off Main Street.

Call: Open call to artists in Hopkinton and surrounding areas for the creation of original land art pieces. All artwork will be installed on site using natural materials. Artists can bring in prepared natural materials if needed to assist in their process.

Theme: “Land Art” We ask artists to consider the works of Andy Goldsworthy and Patrick Dougherty as inspiration for their artwork. Artists can use some of the materials from the trail with guidance from Hopkinton Area Land Trust, Hopkinton Trail Committee, as we do not want to negatively affect the ecosystem or viability of the trail.

*Materials that you can use from Center Trail are stones, fallen sticks and branches, water, gravel(without changing the trail), leaves, feathers, shells and soil. As it will be October the fall leaves may be a wonderful source for color. Artists can also build a form with sticks or other natural materials prior to the installation and then install in place on site.

All proposal should include a sketch of your idea, the space you intend to use(ie. hanging from a tree or on the trail somehow) and a list of possible natural materials used.

A fee of $25 is required for each submission. Please submit artwork designs by September 1, 2022. The panel of juries will make their decision by September 9th, 2022. If your submission is not selected, the $25 fee will be refunded.https://artonthetrail2022.artcall.org/

For questions, call Ilana Casady at 617-461-9659 or email culturalchair@hopkintonma.gov

Please send sample images: culturalchair@hopkintonma.gov