Hopkinton Cultural Council

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

The purpose of the Hopkinton Cultural Council (HCC) is to support public programs in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences which promote access, education, diversity and excellence for residents of our community. This is accomplished by granting funds received from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), in accordance with their guidelines, to individuals and organizations that will present their programs in our community or local area. We fund a variety of programs each year appropriate for diverse age and interest groups. Whenever possible we give priority to Hopkinton artists and organizations. The HCC actively seeks opportunities to increase visibility to groups of different cultures to promote diverse grant opportunities. 

Upcoming Events

Hopkinton Cultural Council would like to invite you to participate in Art on the Trail 2023.

Changing our approach - We are trying to simplify the installations to be more sensitive to the trail and its use, as well as, having as little effect on the environment as possible.  For this year's artwork we would like all artists to work on a 24 x 48 inch canvas panel (provided with your registration) that will be hung along the trail using cables.  All imagery must be painted using outdoor acrylic/craft paint that will not drain off onto the ground.

Community and Inclusion - Participants are invited to work individually or as a group and are encouraged to use the theme of community and inclusion as inspiration for their artwork.  You are welcome to use your own inspiration for your artwork as well.  

Registration - If you or your organization are interested in being a part of this annual outdoor art exhibit please complete this registration form and submit it and venmo your $10 payment to @Christine-Enos-4.  Each participant will receive an outdoor canvas with grommets for hanging.  If you have a larger group you might consider more than one entry to receive another canvas. Please keep in mind that your registration is not complete until you’ve made the payment.

Canvas Pick-up - When you pick up your canvas we will have examples on how to under-paint your canvas, create a border if you wish, and how to “glaze” the canvas once the painting is finished to protect it.  

Installation - We will be installing the artwork with the help of the National Art Honor Society students from the High School.  If you would like to come help as well that would be greatly appreciated.  We will be installing on Tues and Wed October 11th and 12th from 3-5 pm.

Questions? Please email Christine: christine.enos@gmail.com

Dates and Deadlines

Friday, August 25th, 2023 - Registration is due - very easy just a Registration Form and Payment

Wednesday, September 6, 2023  3 - 4:30pm  - Canvas pick up at the HCA

Thursday, September 7, 2023 6 -7:30pm - Canvas pick up at the HCA

Friday October 6, 2023 - Deliver your artwork to the HCA *must be completely dry.

Thursday October 12, 2023 6pm - Artist Open Reception at the start of the Trial off Main St. by Hopkinton Lumber.

Wednesday October 25, 2023 - Artwork pick up at HCA

Hopkinton Cultural Council is seeking artists to extend and grow our Celebration of Diversity Mural in Hopkinton.  We are adding 3 to 5 new segments this year.  We are looking to create a footprint of this moment in our town’s history as we embrace its growing diversity and character.  Themes may include, but are not limited to, Indigenous culture, women’s history, and individuals with differing abilities.  All ideas and artistic interpretations of diversity are welcome for submission.  Open to working with single or multiple artists. Mural is located on the wooden fence leading from Rt 85 into EMC Park.  Segments 8 foot wide x 7 foot tall.   Media must be long-lived and weather resistant.  


For questions, call Ilana Casady at 617-461-9659 or email culturalchair@hopkintonma.gov  

Please send sample images:  culturalchair@hopkintonma.gov  

Entry deadline:  May 1, 2023.  

Jury decision deadline: May 20, 2023.

Installation deadline:  August 31, 2023.