Hopkinton Cultural Council (HCC) receives grant funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to promote excellence, access, education & diversity in the arts, sciences and humanities to improve the community’s economics & quality of life. The HCC prioritizes funding local artists as well as prioritizes artists which reflect the diverse cultures within the town of Hopkinton. The HCC actively seeks opportunities to increase visibility to groups of different cultures to promote diverse grant opportunities. 

Apply for funding

Grant applications for the 2025 calendar year will be accepted in the fall.

Grant applicants wishing to perform in or utilize a Hopkinton venue not under their ownership or control must provide details of community sponsorship including a specific venue and letter of support from a local Hopkinton organization.

Regional organizations with programs not held in Hopkinton, but open to Hopkinton residents, need not submit a letter of support from a local Hopkinton organization. Program/project dates can be confirmed after the grant is awarded, provided a letter of support is included with the application.

The Mass Cultural Council has published additional information about funding, available here.